Rivera Sports Academy, LLC
Undivided attention and quality instruction for all athletes
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Rivera Sports Academy, LCC is designed to integrate the necessary skills that are required for any athlete or individual to achieve many goals in life and in sports. Integration of everything is essential in life to be successful. The right action, speech, thinking, intention, eating, emotion, exercise, rest, visualization, behavior, and the right self. The understanding that in order to be successful in everything we do in life starts with the understanding of the self within each of us.
A coach or instructor is a teacher, trainer, mentor and friend. A coach identifies educational goals, organizes information, develops lesson (practice) plans, provides learning stimulus, and monitors the progress of athletes. Whether in practices or games, the coach seeks to create and maintain an effective learning environment. This is especially true with young players.

On the field coaches quickly discover players learn and process information differently. It is our job to help everyone with their own needs. There are various styles or modalities of learning: the three primary modes are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The rate of retention can be as low as 10 percent when only one style or instructional approach is used. When communicating with players, coaches develop the awareness that each learning style is valid, and an efficient teaching plan includes all three modalities. By using a diverse approach, retention is significantly increased, learning is accelerated, and the team's preparedness is improved. As coaches or instructors our job is to teach the children to learn to maintain a good sportsmanship at all times.




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